Sunday, October 6, 2019

Smoking English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Smoking Is a Dangerous Precedent - Essay Example This paper tells that harshness aside, smoking brings to an end the basis of life and what more sinful can an aspect of life be if it kills people? If people understand that they are falling into a hole and they keep on saying all sorts of things about it, it would seem imaginable (Hove, 2011). But when they know less about it and do absolutely nothing, one can expect naivety on their part. The peer pressure is just too much for a person to take. It brings people to a single platform from where they can go all wrong. Someone must stop them to bring sanity within their domains. The young ones are therefore straying for a multitude of reasons. Smoking is playing havoc with their lives and they are just not pushed. This is because they do not care much about what is taking place within their fore. The safe alternatives that the young ones can perhaps adopt comprise of the substitutes that they shall find to keep them busy at all times. The urge basically makes their life difficult and i t would be safe to state that this urge has to be controlled and kept at a safe distance. It will solve half the problems that smokers have within their folds. The smokers need to be sure that they are following the right path when they are controlling their urge and this can only come about when they know what they are doing. Indulgence in smoking has meant that their parents have been concerned for a number of reasons. They want to know why their children are adopting this habit where even most of the parents themselves are addicted to smoking in the first place (Stein, 2011). It has been seen that parents discourage their wards no matter they smoke or not. This is a positive development that has come to the fore with the changing times and there has been reason enough to believe such a premise since parents do not want to put their children’s lives at risk. Within the understanding that smoking can bring about for the general masses, what is most significant is how well sm oking has been able to manifest its negativities amongst the target audience that it is spoken about. This has been understood in the wake of the different ailments and diseases which have been highlighted time and again. Teenagers and young adults perhaps forget the fact that their comprehension levels are limited and they are unable to decipher the true meaning and representation of smoking in the clearest sense possible. They are less educated and have little know-how of what is deemed as right and what is seen as wrong within the correct frame of things (Guha, 2011). The role of the parents is an important one because they must keep a check as to where their young ones are going and what kind of friends they are hanging out with. Their stern check over their children is quintessential because this would ensure that they stay on the right track no matter how bad their respective companies are. In the end, it would be safe to state that smoking is a dangerous precedent that has be en set within the present day generation. This is so sad because smoking was a problem, remains an issue and will be a serious concern in the days to come. For starters, peer pressure is something that should be paid attention towards.  

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