Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Unit 2 IP Research Paper

Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Unit 2 IP - Research Paper Example It is recognised from the investigation that the current process followed by the hotel to check guest in and out has certain limitations for both including guests and the hotel. In this regard, it is determined that the hotel needs to develop a new process that would ensure convenient and efficient customer experience as well as facilitate in maximum utilisation of the hotel’s resources. Superior quality customer service is an essential requirement for any hotel providing services to guest for ensuring long-term sustainability (Oh, 1999). Based on the above tabular presentation, it can be observed that there are various areas that need to be improved within Hotel Escargo in order to ensure better services to its customers. Corresponding to the scenario provided, Hotel Escargo can make improvements in three broad areas particularly in its check-in and check-out process as well as in-room service. The current check-in and check-out procedure followed by Hotel Escargo is illustrated below with the use of a diagram. It would be vital for Hotel Escargo to upgrade its check-in and check-out procedure implemented by the Rooms Division Department. The improvement in this procedure will facilitate the hotel to offer exceptional services by reducing wastage of time. Nonetheless, there are various other areas that can be improved within the next 3-6 months. Correspondingly, it would be vital for Hotel Escargo to place priority on improving check-in and check-out procedure. It would be relevant for Hotel Escargo to adopt industry standard in order to improve its efficiency of delivering services to its customers. Adhering to industry standards will also facilitate in attracting a large customer base and thereby reap the benefit of increased revenue arising from the improvement made in terms of check-in and checkout procedure.

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