Thursday, September 26, 2019

Managing Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managing Performance - Essay Example The highly performing organisations, both public and private are interested in developing effective performance management systems. This is because the system assists the businesses to maintain high performance levels (Neck, et al. 1999, p250). The performance management is always carried out by the team members of the organisation. The managers motivate the team as a whole and separately in order to ensure high performance of the whole organisation. They manage this through the structure and allocation of work (Temoshenko, 1992, p290). In addition, they are expected to have a clear vision of the business goal and work focusing their minds in successfully achieving the goals set to manage high performance. Preparation for performance management The best way of preparing for the systems performance is to practice the developmental management put by the business or organisation. For instance, the teams are expected to revise the objectives agreed on by the management department regular ly (Managing Employee Performance, 2003, p90). Furthermore, the managers should review the performances at appropriate times and can also provide coaching in case an opportunity arises. Employees are needed to consider the interactions in order to prepare for performance evaluation. Moreover, the employer should review the stages of performance in the previous periods in order to decide on what to achieve during the evaluation process. Morrison’s supermarket performance management Morrison supermarket is the fourth largest supermarket in UK. It has over 400 stores that employ at least 300 staff and specialists in retail and manufacturing of food. Morrison’s is highly performing organisation serving a large number of customers compared to other stores. Morrison does actually produce a variety of products ranging from 30,000 to 35,000 items. When compared to other operations, this is a high variety. This range of variety is medium because it has limited flexibility in se rvices and products. The organisation struggles to increase the flexibility, variety and flexibility of various operations in accordance to customer’s wishes. In addition, Morrison’s increases variety due to availability of in store, butcher, restaurant, fish monger, baker and delicatessen that enables it to provide customers with what they need directly from their fresh. Due to high number of customers, Morrison’s varies the number of staff operating in the store in order to accommodate the variations in demand. Moreover, the organisation has a high visibility because all customers are exposed to the front end operations of its operations. The performance objectives There are five performance objectives at Morrison’s which are common to all operations. These include dependability, quality, flexibility, speed and cost. These objectives help the company to control its performance and help it achieve its goals. The quality of services offered at Morrisonâ⠂¬â„¢s satisfies customers’ needs. In addition, Morrison’s operation is controlled according to its schedules. For instance, it has regular opening and closing times making customers aware of shopping hours like other stores. Moreover, the company manages service properly by possessing huge number of checkout tills in order to reduce customers’ waiting through queuing.   Most companies today are flexible, profitable and efficient in order to compete in the global

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