Monday, September 9, 2019

Essay about Karma Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

About Karma - Essay Example Nowadays, some people believe in karma, some don’t but I think the principle of karma is very fair and makes sense. Imagine how great it would be if all our actions and thoughts would influence our karma and then our life. It would certainly make the world a better place. I don’t know for sure, just as nobody else, if karma exists but I’d like to think it does. Let’s have a look at how it works in real life. There was this hockey game, Chicago was playing against Colorado. During the game one of the players wanted to hit the puck but missed and accidentally hit a player. The player got injured in the nose and as he was leaving the ice to get some help, one of the fans started making fun of his injury and calling him names. The player didn’t say anything and just left the rink. Several minutes after that one of the players did a bad hit on the puck and it accidentally flew over the glass fence that separates the spectators from players and hit one of the fans on the head. The funniest thing is that it was the same guy who was making fun of the player several minutes before that. The player then approached the fan and told him something. The fan probably learnt this lesson as he was laughing at himself at the end of the game. Some people might say that it was an accident and that these two injuries have no connection between them but I think that this situation shows us that being mean to people around you might in the end have negative effect on you. After all when you start thinking about it there is a lot of real life examples that prove this point, there is even a saying from the Bible that those you come with the sword will be killed with the same sword. What goes around comes around. You can call it karma or any other word you like but there is a system of justice in the world and sooner or later everyone gets what he deserves. That is why you should be good and kind with other people if you

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