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World Literature Comparison Work with some Creative Writing. An elegy Essay

World Literature Comparison Work with some Creative Writing. An elegy and Folklore - Essay Example He rode with a naked sword in one hand An eagle adorned his shoulder He fought in the battles to save his people Came victorious over and over He was needed by the people but he wanted to meditate He left for heavenly abode never to come back again He was our guide ,our saviour, our Guru We lament His loss ,Respect Him, Consider him our God He would appear whenever we call him For, he is dear to all. 2. A Folklore Once upon a time, there was a little shepherd .He used to go early morning with his cattle to the fields near a forest and come back late in the evening. In the same forest, there lived a clever fox. She always wanted to eat that little boy and thought different ways to do it. The boy had a dog which warned him whenever the fox was around, that way the boy was saved every time the fox planned the attack. One day this little boy’s father went to the fair that held every Friday in the nearby village. The father took the dog along. The boy went to the forest as usual, w ith his cattle but without dog that day. The fox thought that it was the best opportunity to make to the boy her prey. When the night drew near and the boy took his cattle back to the village, the fox started following him and said, dear boy, where is your dog today. The boy told him that he is busy with his father. Then, the fox asked so dear boy, you might be lost in the jungle as there is no one to guide you home, why don’t you come with me? The boy got scared but thought, if he will not get rid of the fox today she is surely going to kill him. The boy plans to befool the fox. He tells the fox, I know you want to eat me but before you kill me, can you play a flute for me with your eyes closed, I want to dance a last dance. The fox thought that it is always good to comply with a dying man wishes. Therefore, she decided to play a flute for the boy. She started piping and the boy started dancing. The boy knew that by this time of the evening the group of hounds pass this way. They were his dog’s friends. When they heard the sound of flute, they came to that place. The boy heard the voice of the hounds from afar and immediately climbed the tree nearby .The fox kept playing the flute with her eyes closed .She heard the noises and opened her eyes .She found a group of hounds about to attack her. She started running but was chased and killed. 3. IN  THE NAME  OF  ALLAH THE  COMPASSIONATE THE MERCIFUL      Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Creation, The Compassionate, the Merciful, King of Judgment-day! You alone we worship, and to You alone we pray for help. Guide us to the straight path The path of those whom You have favored, Not of those who have incurred Your wrath, Nor of those who have gone astray. (Koran) A raindrop, dripping from a cloud, Was ashamed when it saw the sea. â€Å"Who am I where there is a sea?† it said. When it saw itself with the eye of humility, A shell nurtured it in its embrace. (Saadi) The extract from the Koran exalts the Lord, who is the master of creation. The songs are sang in His praise for being compassionate and merciful towards His creation .The extract explains that he is the only benefactor Lord who is worshiped and one can ask for help. The writer of the extract insists that the benevolent Lord must guides us to the straight path, which is right path and the followers, must get directions from the right leader who is favoured by Allah. The Second extract culled from saying of Saadi conveys a deeper meaning. It says a raindrop is ashamed on looking at the vast sea. It thinks that it is very insignificant in presence of this colossal water source. But its importance is realised in the

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