Saturday, August 24, 2019

Critical thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Critical thinking - Essay Example ude all the rich and diverse elements that employees believe they bring, or contribute, to the job – seniority, prior work experiences and job performance. Outcomes are the rewards they perceive they get from their jobs and employers; outcomes include direct pay and bonuses, fringe benefits, job security and economic rewards. Employees analyze the fairness of their own outcome/input â€Å"contract†, and then compare their contract with contracts of other workers in similar jobs and even with those outside their job. Fairness of rewards (equity) may even be judged in comparison with relative criteria such as gender. Pay was a symbolic scorecard by which an employee may compare his/her outcomes with his/her inputs. An employees’ reaction may be one of the three combinations that can occur from social and pay comparisons – equity, overreward and underreward. If employees perceive equity, they will be motivated to continue to contribute at about the same level. Otherwise, under conditions of inequity, they will experience tension that will create the motivation to reduce the inequity. In the event of social and cultural changes, men and women are no longer limited by the societal expectations that only men should work for the family while women will stay home and take care of the children. The increasing presence of women in the workforce is very essential although some still believe that the hard work of women are being undervalued when it comes to the comparison between wages of men and women with the same occupation. This pay gap is an occurrence that cannot be simply ignored. Statistics from the European Union shows women in Europe get better grades in school compared to men but once they are already part of the workforce European women receive lower pay and lower chances of being promoted to top positions. Aside from compensation and remuneration, the stability of the jobs available for women is also at risk. Another research from the European Union

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