Monday, February 24, 2020

Marketing plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Marketing plan - Essay Example The design of the watch has received mixed reviews as though the design is of high quality incorporating components into the strap has made it uncomfortable for wearing. Though Samsung Galaxy gear is an innovative concept, still during its release it has been criticized for its not so good battery life, interface design, availability of only a few numbers of applications and mostly due to its dependency on the Galaxy range phones and tablets. This was followed by an event that 30% of the Galaxy Gear watches sold by the US based chain-Best Buy, were returned by the customers thus bringing more doubt in the market about the functionality and credibility of the Galaxy Gear. Though when the device was initially launched, it was designed to work with only the Samsung Galaxy Note III and there were speculations that the smart watch would not work successfully with the email, calendar applications which people are generally habituated to use. But the issue has been partially solved as Samsu ng upgraded the software so that now the device can co function nicely with all the Samsung hones with Android Jelly Bean or higher version (Forbes, 2013). ... In this context it is lacking when it comes to a comparison with its competitors like the Sony Smart watch and the Pebble. The 320 by 320 screen looks quite impressive in on the wrist and easy to use as it displays texts clearly, pictures and videos can be taken by the camera application and easy to watch faces. The Galaxy Gear uses a 1.9 Megapixel camera for photos and movies. Though the Galaxy Gear can be used to read text messages easily, the downside is that the delivering of notifications from popular services like Face book and Twitter is a much clumsy process. The Gear vibrates when any notification comes from these channels but after checking the notification, anything further cannot be done with this device. The Gear only displays a message which says to access the actual content using the phone or the tablet. Though the inbuilt software system in the device is not fully competent for these functions, this type of functionality can be fulfilled by installing third-party appl ications (Samsung, 2013). Marketing and Promotion For the marketing of Galaxy Gear, Samsung is following the same strategy that it has been following for the Galaxy S range. Samsung has posted Gear as â€Å"the next big thing† and used some brilliant advertisements for the Launching and promoting the device. The policy of highly visible personal device was followed for the device. According to the 4Ps of marketing, Samsung has done the product, pricing, place and promotion strategically. Product: The product is launched in a new line of devices i.e. the smart watch segment. The design of the product is quite good whereas there are some basic

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